Profile Race cranks NO BOSS
Profile Race cranks NO BOSS

Profile Race cranks NO BOSS

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$194.95 USD

classic spline-drive no boss Profile Race cranks
right and left arms do not have a sprocket bolt boss, can only be used with 19mm spline drive sprockets
chrome crank image show a sprocket bolt, but actual crank will not have one
left and right arms
GDH cromo or titanium 19mm spindle *
cromo, aluminum, or titanium spindle bolts (use 6mm hex) *
installation/removal tool
* titanium spindle and aluminum or titanium spindle bolts upgrades additional cost
ALERT - logo details below
- new style with laser-etched logo
165mm - NO BOSS - black
170mm - NO BOSS - black
175mm - NO BOSS - black
- old style with stamped logo
182mm - NO BOSS - black

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