Shadow Conspiracy Interlock chain



the Interlock V2 Chain has the highest tensile strength of any 1/8th chain on the market at over 1300kgf. Ridden by most top pros and imitated by many, this chain has been the standard since its inception. This is the original and best half-link chain period! Get the best to go with the rest. The half link design is great for dialing in rear end length. If you’re tired of the imitations and want the real original half-link chain, this is the chain for you
1/8″ size
half-link proprietary design
high tensile strength over 1300kg
strong mushroomed pins
includes 98 links and two (2x) master pins
colored chains are teflon coated for low friction
compatible with 8t driver and up
11.3 oz for 72 links
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