Profile Mini Magnutanium cranks



ultra thin wall cromo tubular arms offer superior stiffness for smaller racers / shredders
each crank arm weighs less than a solid aluminum arm of equal length
can be used by flatland riders, but is not strong enough for larger riders, street-riding, park riding, or dirt jumping
NOTE: Profile Mini Magnutanium cranks do not carry the Profile Racing limited lifetime warranty
right arm has a sprocket bolt boss (bolt included), can be used with bolt drive or 19mm spline drive sprockets
left arm is no boss style, can be used with 19mm spline drive sprockets
left and right arms
GDH titanium 19mm spindle *
cromo, aluminum, or titanium spindle bolts (use 6mm hex) **
sprocket bolt **
installation / removal tool
weight (crank arms, spindle, bolts)
170mm: 544g / 19.15 oz
* 5-5/8" for Mid, American / USA, Spanish, and internal Euro bottom brackets. 6" for external Euro bottom brackets
** aluminum or titanium spindle bolts, and titanium sprocket bolt upgrades additional cost