Flybikes Magneto cassette rear hub



36h only
heat-treated cromo or 7075-T6 AL female axle, or heat-treated cromo 14mm male axle
hub with alloy female axle includes Cone / "button" style bolts - 8mm hex broach only
- M10: M10 10mm bolts for frames with 3/8" axle slots
- M10 with 14mm adapters: M10 10mm bolts with integrated 14mm adapter*
* 14mm washers required on frames with dropouts thinner than 6mm, not included
hub with cromo female axle includes Hex style bolts - 8mm hex broach, or 17mm socket flats
- M14 14mm non-drive side bolt and M10 10mm drive side bolt with integrated 14mm adapter*
* 14mm washer necessary for drive-side bolt on frames with dropouts thinner than 6mm, not included
hub with cromo male axle includes alloy axle nuts (17mm wrench size)
RHD or LHD specific
- hub shell can accept RHD or LHD drivers, but drivers / drive rings are drive direction specific
- you can convert hub to other drive direction by purchasing a new driver / drive ring
7075-T6 AL hub shell with recessed spoke holes
oversized high-quality Enduro bearings
heat-treated cromo driver, cones, and bolts, all with anti-rust treatment
Magneto magentic driver/engagement system
magnetic field provides even repelling force, minimal friction
Neomidium magnets maintain magnetic field longer than you'll be alive
unique and powerful sound!
made in Europe
drive side and non-drive side Nylon guards available separately (non-drive side guard is compatible with Magneto front hub)