Empire BMX 3/8" Socket axle bolt



replacement 3/8" x 24 TPI socket axle bolt and extra thick washer
couple with a Profile Volcano cone washer and you are LOOKIN' NOICE
sold in quantities of one, so buy as many as you need
3/8" diameter x 24 TPI x 1.5" bolt length (threaded section)
5/16" (8mm) hex broach
- - - - -
fits a variety of hubs:
Gsport Ratchet 3/8" rear
Gsport Simian front
Gsport Marmoset front
Gsport Roloway front
Odyssey Antigram V1 (3/8" version only)
Odyssey Antigram front
Odyssey Clutch V1 (drive side only)
Odysssey Quartet front and 3/8" rear
Odyssey Vandero 2
Odyssey C5 front
Odyssey Vandero Pro
any female hub that uses 3/8" x 24 TPI bolts