Fit Bikes Hartbreaker frame
Fit Bikes Hartbreaker frameFit Bikes Hartbreaker frame

Fit Bikes Hartbreaker frame

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$439.95 USD

21", 21.25", 21.5" TT
13.8" - 14.5" CS
74.5° HA
71° SA
11.35" BBH
9.15" SOH
Integrated head tube
Mid BB shell
14mm, 4Q Baked dropouts
welded CS brake mounts, two cable guides on DT, cable stop insert in ST
21” - 5.18 lb (2.35 kg)
21.125” - 5.235 lb (2.37 kg)
21.5” - 5.3 lb (2.4 kg)
butted Supertherm top tube
straight gauge Supertherm down tube
double gussets
slightly tapered seat stays
slightly tapered single bend chain stays
2.4" tire clearance (even when slammed)
double butted seat tube
longer drop out slots
engraved key logo head tube
available in trans black, gloss clear
American made

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