USA Brand stainless spoke
USA Brand stainless spokeUSA Brand stainless spoke

USA Brand stainless spoke

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enter spoke length(s) or hub / rim combination - READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION FOR LENGTHS

high grade USA-made stainless steel spoke in silver
price is for one spoke, so order as many as you need
spoke price does not include spoke nipple, please select nipple (or no nipple) from dropdown
1. if you know the spoke length(s), enter them in the Spoke length text box. specify quantity for each length *
2. if you don't know the spoke length(s), enter each hub / rim combination in the Spoke length text box **
3. if you are ordering a custom wheel(s) form us, just enter "wheelbuild" in the Spoke length text box
available lengths (20" wheels): 178mm, 180mm, 182mm, 184mm, 186mm, 188mm, 190m, 192mm, 194mm
available lengths (22" wheels): 208mm, 210mm, 212mm
available lengths (24" wheels): 234mm, 236mm, 238mm
* if the hub(s) and rim(s) you’re using are not ones we sell, it’s up to you to determine the spoke length(s). there are a few online spoke calculators that might be helpful, but we cannot guarantee the length(s) given will be correct. we do not accept returns for spokes once they’ve been installed, even if the length(s) you provide are incorrect. sorry!
** we only know spoke lengths for combinations of hubs and rims we sell. see * above

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