The Team

Chris Doyle

legend, pure and simple. "Chris is often referred to as both the nicest guy in BMX and the most professional guy in BMX. I'd have ... read more

Tom Dugan

Dang Dang jump high. Dang Dang show junk. Dang Dang good! Tom Dugan is a relative newcomer to the Austin scene, but he's right at ... read more

Steven Hamilton

1. fucking pedal like real fucking fast until you see the thing you want to grind on 2. close your fucking eyes and scream wh... read more

Chase Hawk

the man, the myth, the legend. a true friend and inspiration, we've seen Chase grow up from a wee shredder at the trails to one of... read more

Nina Buitrago

it is impossible to say too many good things about Nina!  from her tireless work as an advocate for girls and women in BMX, t... read more

Sergio Layos

our brother from another mother, and continent, Sergio is the man. smooth like honey, goes as big as you want, the Spaniard Comman... read more

Kevin Porter

another one of our original gangsters, he's the Chicago Consigliere of this family. always down for whatever, and ready, willing, ... read more

Joe Rich

you can't stop the Ultimate Male. shit, you can't even hope to contain the Ultimate Male! i think our nickname for Joe gives him a... read more

Aaron Ross

a wise man once sang, "if you're gonna play in texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band". that was the first time many people he... read more

Bob Scerbo

Bob has been in the game for more than a minute, so you won't see him flipping and whipping in and out of love like Mark B. Dewtou... read more

Dylan Smith

Dylan has it all. a brain that will compute equations with the quickness, skills on the bike that will drop jaws and panties to th... read more

Morgan Wade

Texas Pride! hailing from out east in this great state, Morgan's riding has taken him around the world. go big, or go home. that's... read more

Clint Reynolds

Clint personifies what we love about BMX: style, altitude, and a great attitude.  when he's not roasting East Side or the ple... read more