RNC Titanium cranks
RNC Titanium cranks

RNC Titanium cranks

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$419.95 USD

one of the lightest and strongest cranksets ever made!
crank arms are machined from a solid bar of 6AL-4V titanium (no welds) making them unbelievably strong and stiff
heat treated titanium spindle is 35% stronger than normal 6AL-4V titanium
48t spline spindle, 5.625" length
titanium flush spindle bolts and sprocket bolt
RHD and LHD compatible
20.4 ounces (175mm length and 22mm spindle)
these cranks are made for whatever abuse you can throw at them. there is no weight limit on them and no they don’t flex due to the triangle design. arms went under a 1750lb load and didn’t even bend

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