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Your favorite riders favorite rider’s source of style is back at it. Bob has been keeping the momentum that he started way back with skapegoat 10, which at the time was a drastic shift in videography and editing for an already masterful touch administered to an insane resume of classics. Furthering his contribution to BMX documenting passed skapegoat 11 seemed impossible to most of us, but somehow it just keeps happening. Bob’s newest chapter, “Vacilando,” captures some of the absolute best BMX riders to ever live, while keeping it in the purest form possible for unabridged consumption. No graphic interludes, no animations fluffing up lack of content, just pure BMX. This video will make you feel like you need to go ride, even in the middle of a summer day in Texas. I’m sunburnt and smelly, writing this after two days in a row of Vacilando. Support Bob, Harley, everyone in the video, and real BMX. Long live Skapegoat.