Madera Gulf Goaster hub
Madera Gulf Goaster hubMadera Gulf Goaster hub

Madera Gulf Goaster hub

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$244.95 USD

RHD or LHD specific
14mm male solid cromo axle (broached on one side for 8mm hex wrench)
cromo 9 tooth driver
90º Slack-Cam ring
three pawls with individual springs
48 points of engagement
6903 hub bearings (2x)
6802 driver bearings (2x)
6809 outer driver support bearing
American made coaster hub built with Profile Racing's patented Z-Technology. the Gulf Coaster's pawls are "Z" shaped to allow for engagement/disengagement by the center Slack-Cam Ring.  forward engagement drives the hub, while backwards engagement releases the driver from shell for some freecoastin’ sexy time!

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