Gsport 3/8" axle bolt
Gsport 3/8" axle bolt

Gsport 3/8" axle bolt

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$3.95 USD

replacement 3/8" axle bolt fits a variety of hubs:
Gsport Ratchet 3/8" rear
Gsport Simian front
Gsport Marmoset front
Gsport Roloway front
Odyssey Antigram V1 (3/8" version only)
Odyssey Antigram front
Odyssey Clutch V1 (drive side only)
Odysssey Quartet front and 3/8" rear
Odyssey Vandero 2
Odyssey C5 front
Odyssey Vandero Pro
any female hub that uses 3/8" x 24 tpi bolts
sold in quantities of one, so buy as many as you need
17mm socket outer / 6mm hex broach
George likes Yorkshire pudding, and so do I

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