Groundbreaker Zine
Groundbreaker ZineGroundbreaker ZineGroundbreaker ZineGroundbreaker Zine

Groundbreaker Zine

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“Groundbreaker”: a zine featuring BMX trail riding in the west hills of Portland, Oregon 2009-2018
features interviews with Cale Christi, Justin Inman and Brad Tibbet
stories from Ryan Greene, Kurtis Jones, and Dan Closser
photography by Pat Kempany, Mark Rainha, Rob Dolecki, Sam Provo, Cale Christi, Nick Vergillo, John Donald, Dan Closser, Kurtis Jones, and Brian Barnhart
created by Brian Barnhart
limited run, this is the second pressing of 100 copies
80 full color pages
8.5" x 11” size, perfect bound
proceeds will be donated to earthquake relief in Puerto Rico

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