Fuse Alpha elbow pads
Fuse Alpha elbow padsFuse Alpha elbow padsFuse Alpha elbow pads

Fuse Alpha elbow pads

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$41.95 USD

sold in matching left/right pair
The Alpha elbow pad uses a breathable perforated neoprene with an internal soft air plush lining, and the front impact area uses a tougher Duratex neoprene.  The back side of the pad uses a double layer of soft Lycra for a snug and comfortable fit. To protect your elbow from impact we use EVA foam under nylon hard cap. This year we also added an internal Sharkskin neoprene gripper to keep the pad firmly in place.
Pad Material:
Breathable perforated neoprene with air plush lining, back side with dual layer soft Lycra
Eva foam padding under nylon hard cap
Durable Duratex knee cap outer material
Sharkskin neoprene gripper to prevent pad slip

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