Empire BMX T - White Panthers
Empire BMX T - White Panthers

Empire BMX T - White Panthers

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We know how tough times have been lately on so many levels, and like many of you we have been rocked to our core by recent events. We believe that everyone is created equal and should be treated as equals. It is our hope that peaceful protests and community response will positively effect change in how people of color are treated by police and the legal system, and more broadly by continuing the movement for equality in all facets of society
We have decided to do a re-print of our panther shirt that we used for our 10 year anniversary and will be donating 100% of the sales to RADshare and the African American Youth Harvest Foundation. RADshare is dedicated to educating and empowering kids through programs that explore and celebrate the art of having fun, and promotes a safe bike culture through safety education, free helmets, and dependable bikes and gear. The AAYHF ensures at-risk youths across the Austin community have a chance to flourish and reach their potential, with low-barrier access to resources and mentoring programs. There are many worthy organizations out there, but we chose these due to their focus on helping youths. Almost all of us found BMX as kids, and the friendships and community BMX provides can be instrumental in navigating those tough early years. Every child deserves a chance at discovering their passion, and we all share a responsibility to help that seed grow
you can find information about the who, what, where and why of the panther logo at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Panther_Party. Keep in mind we do not agree with all the White Panthers’ points, but we do support the overall message of freedom and justice, and the right of every individual to determine their destiny, free from oppression

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