Empire BMX T - nLamar
Empire BMX T - nLamarEmpire BMX T - nLamarEmpire BMX T - nLamar

Empire BMX T - nLamar

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yoooo, we stay down for our streets! all profits from this shirt will be donated to the Central Texas Food Bank. please visit their site and feel free to donate in addition to this shirt:
"When the Central Texas Food Bank was established in 1982, it was with a goal in mind to help the hungry in the community. Over the years, the weak economy has increased challenges for clients who have turned to food pantries for food assistance. The Central Texas Food Bank has been at the front line of hunger relief with the help of  Partner Agencies in 21 counties across Central Texas. Together, we provided more than 39.2 million pounds of food to families in need during the 2017-2018 fiscal year to an average of 200,000 individuals each month."
additionaly, in-store donations are being accepted, so if you're near the shop, please bring in $10.00 worth of qualifiying foodstuffs to Empire BMX and we'll give you a shirt! peep the liist below of the most requested items, and bring it on!
- peanut butter
- canned chicken breast or tuna
- canned low sodium vegetables
- canned fruit in its own juice (no sugar added)
- dry pinto beans
- brown rice
- non-fat dry milk powder
- 100% whole grain cereal

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