Empire BMX Sujihiki slicing knife
Empire BMX Sujihiki slicing knife

Empire BMX Sujihiki slicing knife

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Empire BMX Sujihiki slicing knife: a great introduction to Japanese style chef's knives, with better more precise geometry and cutting performance over Western knives
hand-crafted in by a small family-owned blacksmith in Ama, Aichi Japan
Rockwell hardness of 61HRC, this knive retains and produces sharper edges than most German and American knife brands
classic Japanese shape with flatter profile, improved sharpness, and better heat treatment using leaf spring steel. handle is crafted using Ebony and African Padauk
just like with all carbon knives, they must be kept dry and wiped clean after each use, which will help develop habits of professional cooks. over time, the knife will develop a rustic look and evolves with sharpening

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