Empire BMX 100 Shirts book
Empire BMX 100 Shirts bookEmpire BMX 100 Shirts book

Empire BMX 100 Shirts book

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celebrate our t-shirt history with "100 Shirts"
book is 11" x 7.5"
56 pages
full color
perfect bound
first edition (100 copies)
layout by Adam Roye
photography by Devon Hutchins
published by HZ Publishing
book includes 2x tickers for the Empire BMX for Shirt of the Month 2017 offer
shirt designs by:
Caleb Everitt
Lil Kool
Joel Moody
Pierre Pierros III, Esq.
Kevin Porter
Clint Reynolds
Brother-in-law Rob
Aaron Ross
Adam Roye
Bob Scerbo
Sean Sexton
Morgan Wade
Owen Williams

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