Cinema FX2 freecoaster hub
Cinema FX2 freecoaster hubCinema FX2 freecoaster hubCinema FX2 freecoaster hub

Cinema FX2 freecoaster hub

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$199.95 USD

material: 6061 aluminum hub shell
features: Includes 3 slack adjustment washers to allow fine tuning for riding preference
driver: 9-tooth DTC chromoly driver with polymer bushing and sealed cartridge bearings
clutch: DTC, can use RHD or LHD DTC driver
flange offset from center: 28mm drive side / 26mm non-drive side
pitch circle diameter: 58mm drive side / 46mm non-drive side
bearing code: 6902 (x2), 6002 (x1), 7905 (x1)
spoke holes: 36 holes
weight: 26.8 oz (with hub guards)
includes installed CR and DR nylon hub guards

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