Bernie the Bike Builder book
Bernie the Bike Builder bookBernie the Bike Builder book

Bernie the Bike Builder book

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Bernie is a master bike builder. The bikes he designs and builds are sought after by bike racers all over the world. However, none of his close friends seem interested in riding bikes. After a discussion with Monty the Corgi he realizes that his friends think they can't ride bicycles because no bikes fit them. Bernie takes on the challenge to build his motley crew of pals custom bikes that they can ride. It takes all of his creativity and skills to design and build special bikes for T-rex, Bat, Shark and more
Discover how bikes can inspire joy and deepen friendships in BERNIE THE BIKE BUILDER
Written and illustrated by Taj Mihelich / Ages 8 and up
Bernie is an industrious rabbit with extraordinary bike-building skills who hand-crafts custom bicycles for some of the fastest bike racers in the world.
But every time he ships another one-of-a-kind creation to a racer in a far-off corner of the globe, Bernie feels a pang of regret: He never gets to see the impact of his bikes because his hometown friends (T-Rex, Beaver, Bat, Hamster, and Shark) aren’t built to ride them.
Then one day, his short-legged buddy, Monty the Corgi, gives him an idea that rocks his world: If he made special bikes for his friends, he might finally see how much joy his creations provide.
With newfound inspiration, Bernie builds his most ingenious bicycles yet—and opens up a world of possibility for himself and his friends.
Through captivating illustrations and an empowering message, BERNIE THE BIKE BUILDER tells a story about ingenuity, creativity, and inclusivity—and is sure to delight readers of all ages.
TAJ MIHELICH is freestyle BMX World Champion and is widely considered one of the most influential BMX riders of his generation. He is the founder of Fairdale Bikes and lives in Houghton, Michigan. His writing and illustrations have appeared in such publications as Dig BMX, ESPN, Bicycling, Outside, and PinkBike. BERNIE THE BIKE BUILDER is his first book.
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"In tight circles around a broad range of cycling subcultures old and new, BMX innovator, artist, animal lover and entrepreneur Taj Mihelich is a legend. A shy, clever, self-deprecating legend.
As a rider, Taj's influence on ramp, street and trail riding still resonates three decades after he burst onto the BMX scene.
As an entrepreneur, Taj's thoughtful, slightly irreverent perspective on the fun and freedom of riding a bicycle has inspired an army of smiling cyclers to follow his tire tracks worldwide.
"Bernie the Bike Builder" is the brightest peek yet into the colorful world of Taj Mihelich's busy mind. Whimsically written and vividly illustrated by the life-long lover of all things two-wheeled, Taj's first book follows an industrious rabbit and his Corgi pal Monty as the unlikely pair craft custom bicycles for a curious band of animal friends.
A sublime allegory about creatures and dreams big and small, "Bernie the Bike Builder" packs Seussian levels of heart and light into a story for all ages. Where the animals in Taj's head dream of going might surprise you. How they get there will blow your mind."
- Harold McGruther

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