Animal Nub Nuts
Animal Nub Nuts

Animal Nub Nuts

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don't like big-ass pegs sticking out from your rig?  Animal and Chris Silva have the medicine!.  these replace your existing hub axle nuts or bolts, and open up a galaxy of grinds, nub-chinks, and other assorted stunts
sold in pairs
20mm diameter x 24mm length
female version:
10mm x 1mm bolts thread into Animal Javelin front hub, and any female hub which accepts 10mm x 1mm axle bolts
3/8" x 16t pi bolts thread into Profile and Madera female hubs, and any female hub which accepts 3/8" x 24tpi bolts
3/8" x 24 tpi bolts thread into many female hubs (Odyssey, Gsport, etc.) - please contact us with compatibility questions
male version:
14mm x 1mm nuts thread onto Animal Javelin rear hub, and any male hub which accepts 14mm x 1mm axle nuts.  accepts 3/8" socket head, and might require trimming down the axle

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