Mutiny PMR frame
Mutiny PMR frameMutiny PMR frame

Mutiny PMR frame

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$314.95 USD

20.5”, 20.75", 21" TT
13.25" - 13.7” CS
74.5 HA
70 SA
11.8” BBH
8.6” SOH (center of BB to top of top tube)
5.1 lbs
heat-treated dropouts, HT, and BB shell
bosses for Mutiny removable brake mounts and cable guide (mounts/guide are additional $15.00)
integrated HT
Mid BB shell
DT gusset
"420 BAKED" Heat -treated Offset Thickness Head Tube
117mm tall HT
4130 Cromoly Seat Clamp with 6mm bolt and horizontal clamp slot on ST
6mm Dropouts with integrated chain adjusters (included)
sticker pack included
Post Matt Roe, based on the geometry from Roey’s long running signature frame the Conjurer. As some of you know, Roey is currently focussed on other interests. However since we stopped offering his frame, a lot of our long term customers have wanted to buy a new frame but nothing we currently offered compared to the Conjurer. After speaking with Roey, we got his blessing on the project and thus the PMR was born

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