Bone Deth Penetrator cranks
Bone Deth Penetrator cranks

Bone Deth Penetrator cranks

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SKU: 1093596
RHD/LHD with bolt-drive sprockets
LHD only with 22mm spline-drive sprockets
2.5pc seamless 4130 cromo arms
forged pedal and spindle bosses
full post-weld heat-treatment
22mm 48 Spline heat-treated cromo spindle
flat / square shaped arms for radical crank arm slides
Torture Testing by the Bone Deth Team
31 oz

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I'm 210lbs and I've done 5 foot -12 foot drops offs big dirt doubles crank arm slides ect ... I smash on these cranks almost everyday for 1 1/2 years and have nothing but respect for these cranks. I bought the Penetrators just to have the spindle for my "Solid' bitch crank arms .but it wasn't right so I ran the Penetrator system Hands down strong and for the materials used very light as well......

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Bone Deth

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