About Us


Who are we? To put it simply, were a close group of weirdos that love BMX. We love it enough to make it our lives, forgoing any shot at millions of possible salary dollars at high-tech companies throughout the Greater Central Texas area. We do not have a mission statement, we are just going to do our best to provide you with the goods you need to make BMX what you want it to be for yourself. If this is your first time here, your 100th, or your last, we thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you.

Tina Williams: She runs the show, babysits the rest of us, and pays the bills. With her son Owen in the mix, Tina does not put in a full 40 hour work week, but she she still manages to get the job done, and then some. Without her, it would be strippers and booze in the ramp room, and we would be closed within a month!

Thomas Williams: Owens babydaddy talks more than he works, but finds the time to handle shipping manager duties, web duties, Boddington nitro-can swilling, and after-hour coping slapping. If you are riding the ramp after hours, he will come and find you.

Adam Roye: Team manager, retail liason, art director, and emotional rollercoaster. He is responsible for Empires art direction, love of Texas rap, and general sense of good will and harmony. No one knows for sure where his allegiance lies, Williamson County or Westlake, but he seems like a decent enough dude.

Hanson Little: HL never fails to wow with his calm demeanor in the face of near-certain BMX calamity, or his slick handling of customer service issues that would destroy lesser men. Whether on his chrome Mutiny, mostly chrome motorcycle, or highly desirable polishing wheel, Hanson has the skills to pay the bills.

Taylor Brown: The newest member of the crew, but no stranger to danger. A renaissance man if ever there was one, TSB will wow you with vast knowledge of many subjects, ranging from the intricacies of Vespa licensing, spider venom toxicity, and SRAM diagnostics.

Pierre Pierros: Wheelbuilding superhuman, or semi-employed nomad on a quest for fire? When he is actually in the store for more than five minutes at a time, we will ask him. His best work is done in a hot North Austin garage, listening to a frightening loop of Alex Jones podcasts and Baker 3 youtube clips.

Owen Williams: he is basically a Wildman, nah mean?